The Best Way to Cheat New Year’s Resolutions Begins Now.

As we approach December, now is the time to make the final surge in 2012. Like a runner rounding the final turn around the track, it is a great time to push for the finish. On January 1, you will never regret any progress you made during December in important areas of your life. It is kind of a way to cheat on New Year’s Resolutions; fixing some of them before the new year, kind of like jumping the gun in a footrace.

  1. Strengthen your passion for God. Spend extra time with Him, instead of less, which is typical of the busiest season of the year.
  2. Strengthen your relationship with your family members. Repair broken or damaged relationships. Life is short, and the reasons for the disagreements are usually nowhere near worth the heart ache and heaviness they cause. Embrace forgiveness.
  3. Strengthen your commitment to your Church. Remember, Christ only has one bride. Paul Lamey said, “The gathered Church is the embodiment of the grace of Christ in the world. Our praise, fellowship, and various efforts for outreach are tangible expressions of thanksgiving to God.”
  4. Reduce the number of people who dislike you by supernatural (Holy Spirit directed) love, reaching into their lives. Begin with prayer for those who misunderstand you. Insure you don’t have any resentment towards them, and plan a gift to them expressing your love that naturally flows through you from Christ in you.
  5. Recommit to be fit for service. Make a commitment to your health in order to honor God, your Creator. Remember, a farmer will hop on a tractor that is working and not the one which is faulty.
  6. Plan your finances so Christmas is a joy and not a financial disaster waiting for another month. Find ways of giving yourself like Christ gave Himself, not focusing on expensive gifts that distract from the season.
  7. Thank God for your pains, troubles and trials; that He has loved you enough to do the hard work in your life to prepare you for the greatest victories. It matters not that we cannot see the purpose in our struggles, but we trust Him and His decisions, directions and plans.

I hope these suggestions help you end a good year strong, or turn a bad year around. Please comment and add your suggestions for others. Thank you and God bless.

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