“Coat of Many Colors” Restores Hope.

Last night Laura and I finished watching the Dolly Parton movie, “Coat of Many Colors”, we recorded on Christmas day. I don’t really do movie reviews because I have seen too few movies. This is not a movie review, but just some thoughts I have had as a result of the movie.

I have never been a Dolly Parton fan, to be honest. I am not really a country western music fan, though I love a few of their songs. For me, Dolly’s best song was redone and perfected by Whitney Houston.

But I have to say I really enjoyed the movie. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Jesus Christ is a major part of the story. The movie boldly proclaims that God came to die for us, to save us. Life is never easy, but it is impossible without the forgiveness and presence of God purchased by the blood of Jesus.

However, my comments will focus more on another message I got from the movie. The flick was originally aired on the NBC network on December 10th. On that airing, it drew 15.6 million viewers, the largest movie audience on any of the TV networks in six years. So well received was the film, NBC listened to demands to rebroadcast it and aired it again on Christmas day.

The movie is not politically correct. It is not religiously tolerant. It is blatantly Christian and has aired twice on a secular television network. Remember, NBC is the network that Donald Wildmon, chairman of American Family Radio, accused of constant “Anti-Christian bigotry” for allowing and showing programs that bash Christianity, particularly Saturday Night Live’s blasphemous depictions of Jesus Christ.

Does this mean that the world is getting better? Does it mean that NBC has repented? No, I am sure they went after the money of advertising brought in by an instant hit.

It does mean that the darker the world, the more effective the light. It reminds me that this world, as much as people resent and hate the idea that Jesus is Lord, starves for the peace and hope He brings. It means that the message is still effective and needed as much now as it was in the first century.

There is much about modern Christianity that the people of the world do not welcome. Honestly, there is some elements of modern Christianity that cause a gnarl in my gut. But we must remember, the hope and peace Jesus brings is needed. His love is craved. His forgiveness is imperative. His light is craved.

coat of many colors