What it means to have a shepherd (Psalm 23)

It’s been a while since I have blogged. Life gets busy and sometimes the focus is just not there. However, I wanted to share this.

Laura and I have come off a very tough 18 months. Although the love of God’s people was very supporting, the darkness of oppression seemed to be hiding behind every turn. The specifics are not important as much as the refreshing of the Lord.

I needed something. I needed something new and refreshing. I even spent extra time on sermon sites reading sermon after sermon, seeking for that reason for strength that seemed to be evading me.

Laura and I were on our way home from a recreation weekend which helped. On the drive, I asked Laura to read me something; Psalm 23. What is new about that?

I heard again that the Lord was the one responsible for my care.  As such, He takes cares of my needs.

He had plans to give me rest, peace and quiet, and was leading me there.

He gives me complete recovery from the battles. He leads me to what is right because that is just what He is.

Especially in the times that I have to go through the darkest valley, He is there leading me. He is protecting me with the staff and correcting me with the rod.

He never promised me a lack of opposition but promised I would triumph and celebrate before them. He cleans and refreshes me with healing oil. All I need is given to overflowing.

With the care of such a Shepherd, my life, though marked with battles, will be filled with His goodness and mercies until it is complete. And greatest of all, I have His presence as my home forever.

Have you applied the 23 Psalm to your situation?