Movie review of “The Song”

I hope I don’t come across as the guy who can criticize everything that other people are doing for the Kingdom because it doesn’t match up with all my pet beliefs and peeves. However, I can find no justification in endorsing the new faith-based movie, “The Song”.

After viewing it, I was left with one question that haunted me the rest of the night: “Where was Jesus in this?”

The story line of the movie, based upon the life of Solomon in Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon, follows a modern day musician struggling to make his mark in the music world. He was the son of a famous musician (David King), but was told he lacked the passion his father had in delivering a moving song.

While booking small venues in order to work in his craft, Jed King meets a lovely young lady (Rose), and eventually wins her heart. The love story in the first half of this movie is sweet, with biblical wisdom and morality sprinkled throughout. Humor is well placed, and after about half the movie, I was glad I had gone.

A song that Jed wrote for Rose shoots him to the top of the charts and he is soon flying off for concert tours across the world. His opening act, a rebel-hearted girl (Shelby Bale), is attracted to Jed and soon tries to seduce him. Rose will not travel with Jed because she has to tend to their son and her father’s health is failing.

Jed predictably falls to temptation. Rich, successful, with no moral restraints, he finds himself well over his head in sin.

The story of redemptions could have been so beautifully portrayed here, had it been based upon Jesus Christ. Instead, the writers tried to squeeze that in as if greater character and the futility of the sinful life would be enough to restore one who has fallen.

I certainly cannot recommend this movie as an evangelistic tool, or to any unsaved friend. I do find this movie harmless to the believing couple who are looking for an evening of entertainment, and maybe can use a little spark in the relationship.

That is where my disappointment rests. Half of the faith-based movies that I have seen recently try to sneak just enough Jesus Christ in to get our approval, but not enough to challenge one who is seeking real answers in a lost world. Another group of movies are designed to be just a “perfect cheer” to fire up the home team of believers who have already settled the issue of salvation.

Some will say that movies like this are needed to open up dialog between believers and non-believers. Did God not give us enough to begin the dialog? Truth is, we simply are not comfortable getting into that conversation. Unfortunately, neither are most of our movie makers.

Truth is, there is ton of wisdom found in Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon, but it is meaningless and unhelpful apart from the redemptions found in Jesus Christ through His death, burial and resurrection.