False Accusations: Psalms 17

ImagePsalm 17 reflects those rare situations when we are falsely accused and we are totally blameless. It is when the accuser is completely guilty of wrong accusations. It sets forth our goal in response to totally false accusations in the model of Jesus Christ.

In prayer, the Psalmist asks that the vindication come only from God (2). He has thoroughly analyzed the situation and cannot find fault within himself in honest appraisal (3). He has resisted the temptation to strike back (4-5).

In the moments of feeling the hatred of the attack, he focuses on the love of God and asks God to protect him as His beloved (7-9).

Though these attacks quickly spread by gossip and offense-taking (10-11), there is usually one spearhead creating the problems (12). The Psalmist asks God to specifically deal with this one, and powerfully (13). He recognizes that God has granted to them the power and position to wield influence, and they have misused it (14).

In his final request, he looks forward to when this situation is resolved and he is vindicated (15).


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