Psalm 14’s invitation to redemption…

Psalms 14 looks at the discouraging wickedness of mankind which is demonstrated in every day’s news. Here is a summary of the short Psalm:

The vocalizing of atheism originates from corruption in the heart and the compromise of lifestyle. It must be discouraging to God to look down upon our state, the self-damage we commit, knowing that we, without intervention, will not seek God for health and healing. Instead, we moralize our wickedness, choosing the path of evil.

Not only are we without the capability to do good of ourselves, we have no desire and see no reason to change. Instead, we destroy ourselves and each other, considering the hateful treatment and damaging behavior as normal as eating bread.

Yet within us is the terror that there really is a holy and righteous God who is not so excusing. There is fear that God has provided a way out of this mess and we have ignored it. There is a sense of justice which we cannot explain that cares for the ones we disregard the most. We can sense that.

Something in us cries for salvation. Let that spark of God ignite you, invite you to God’s forgiveness. You see, salvation did come out of Zion. He will call to Himself a people. You can be part of that people through Jesus Christ who paid the price for your wickedness if you believe in Him and accept His salvation.


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