Psalm 10 shows that the deception of today will bring justice tomorrow.

Living by feelings, or emotions, is the bane of western civilization. It is reflected in Psalm 10.Image

In verse one, there is the feeling that God is far from the righteous and close to the ungodly. The wicked go about their business with no consideration of God, seeking only the wicked imaginations of their minds.

With the evidence that is before his eyes, the wicked can say, “There is no God.” In other words, not even God can stop my plans to prosper at the destruction of others. His life, his mouth and his decisions testify that his wicked ways are acceptable and preferable if no righteous standard can stand against him.

The results are that the helpless are crushed, sank down and have a mighty fall. Meanwhile, the wicked proclaim, God has forgotten me or has given up on dealing with the power that is me.

The Psamist then calls for God to “arise, O LORD; O God, lift up your hand; forget not the afflicted.”

Despite the proclamations of the wicked, God sees and keeps an account. God will bring payment to those who rack up debt. He will break the arm of the wicked and evil doer, and everyone will be called into account.

God is faithful to his promises, and the issues that appear to speak otherwise are temporary and not final.

God will bless the righteous and destroy the wicked, protecting the fatherless and oppressed and bring fear to the wicked.


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