The Majestic Title’s of God

ImagePsalms 8 uses contrasts to capture the majesty of God. It begins with the declaration of majesty in the names of God. Using two addresses for God, David begins the verse with:

“Jehovah (Yahweh), Adonai…”, translated, “O Lord, our Lord…”

“Jehovah (Yahweh)” is a name considered by the Jews as too holy to pronounce or fully write. Since the 3rd century, the name was considered too holy to pronounce, we have lost all illustrations of how it was properly pronounced. It represents God’s position and authority in the universe; His lordship and worthiness for recognition in that position.

“Adonai” represents a personal lordship over me. It is a plural form of Lord or Master. Unbeknown to the Jews, it represented the Trinity.

Truly, the names of our God are both universal and personal, completely with majestic.

And yet, in contrast, they are simple. They can be expressed by babies and children. “out of the mouth of babies and infants…” The expression of God from the mouth of children, even the least, can stop the enemy. How beautiful!

Another contrast comes forth. The vision of the God’s majesty is seen in the vastness of His creation, the power He spoke into the stars, and the intricate detail on enormous scale.

And then Adonai became man. His interest, with such a vast, extensive universe, is placed on simple, sinful, and unattractive mankind. How does He even love us?

The third contrast is seen in the responsibility given to man. As lowly as we are, as worthless as we are without God, and as utterly as we have failed, upon us is still bestowed the dominion of this vast, glorious, and beautiful creation. The concept is utterly ridiculous that we, the greatest failures in creation, are given the responsibility of the whole.

Truly the Heavenly Father is majestic!


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