Retirement the right way

Retiring and catching up on my blog….Image

It is getting late at night. Considering the course of the day, it has been another adventure in the Kingdom of God. It was a time of accountability, problem solving, benevolence and ministry, study, creative writing, baseball (the Rangers lost this afternoon, so it wasn’t a perfect day), cooking (chili cook-off coming up), enjoying time with my wife, playing catch with my dog and finishing up correspondence. Funny, it was supposed to be my day off. Or, my weekly retirement.

In a sense, it was a day off. It was a day I got to do what I find my greatest joy in; strengthening an already strong friendship, seeing someone grow in Christ, helping a struggling couple with some financial needs, learning some things in God’s word, writing poetry, watching baseball, playing with my dog, enjoying my wife’s company, writing encouragement to friends…. As the commercial used to say, life doesn’t get any better than this.

Which made me think about my retirement. You know, those days off that run together to make weeks. I have no fear of retirement for two reasons. First, what I will do in retirement is very similar to what I do daily (but for less money). Secondly, it is hard to be afraid of something that is so far away.

Actually, I will not consider myself retired until I walk on streets of gold. I will insist on going barefoot. Going bare footed on gold is what I considered the ultimate demonstration of retirement.


One thought on “Retirement the right way

  1. sounds like you had a great day off Pastor Tim… I feel the same way about retirement… I am not sure if you will have the option to bring flip-flops or a pair of shoes though…
    Blessings Pastor.

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