Liebster Award

I would like to thank the blogster Gene’s Musings ( for nominating my poetry site ( for the Liebster Award. Below is a copy of the information about the award presented by fellow bloggers.

The Liebster Award is very unique in the fact it brings recognition to the smaller blogs of the ‘verse.  With that in mind, all of the nominated blogs will have under 200 followers.

Liebster Award

The rules:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.  

3. Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.  

4. Display the Liebster Award logo. 

5.  No tag back thingys.

To begin with the nominees:

~Click on the names to visit ~ recommended by Gene’s Musings.

  1. Carol J Forrester – Writing and Works
  2. Rosemary S.
  3. Beltway Fan Fiction.
  4. Rebel Darling
  5. Droplets of Motion
  6. Musings of  A Capricious Intellectual
  7. Dancing Bee Poetry
  8. Pastor Tim’s Poems
  9. Mused by Magdalene
  10. calliopes lyre
  11. The Poet Laura Ate

The following are 11 questions for me to answer:

  1. What makes you want to write/blog? I enjoy communicating, particularly what I understand as truth and/or humor.
  2. What time of day is your time to write?  Usually in the late mornings or afternoons.
  3. What is your favorite drink? Coke Zero.
  4. What is your least favorite topic – what are you tired of hearing about?  Politics.
  5. What is your favorite restaurant? I like Applebees, but will not turn down any.
  6. When you close your eyes to sleep, what thoughts help you drift off? How can I discover more truth about God and communicate it?
  7. If you had to spend a day walking would you prefer in a city, on a beach, seaside, country field, secluded forest or other?  An interesting city, like San Antonio’s River Walk.
  8. What is your favorite book/movie?  I am still pumped about 

    Dawn of World Redemption: Erich Sauer, G.H. Lang.

  9. Are you a confident writer?  No, I am usually shocked that anybody cares.
  10. What topics would you like to see blogged about?  Forgiveness and reconciliation.
  11. How bored have all these questions made you? As boring as the answers, unfortunately.

Here are my 11 questions for the nominees:

  1. What do you enjoy writing about? Christian growth.
  2. When did you first start blogging? In July of 2011, I stopped cluttering up Facebook with my ramblings and posted them to a blog.
  3. What was the last book that you read? Hope in the Face of Conflict: Making Peace with Others the Way God Makes Peace with Us, by Kenneth Newberger.
  4. Why did you choose it? Reconciliation and forgiveness is a topic I am studying intently now.
  5. If you could meet any non-Biblical character, who would it be? John Newton.
  6. Why? (see #5) He is as close to a biblical non-biblical character as I could think of.
  7. What is the most exotic place you’ve visited? lol, California or Las Vegas.
  8. What is an item on your bucket list? Hawaii.
  9. When is the last time you slept outdoors? Not sure.
  10. If you could be any movie character, who would it be? Not sure again.
  11. Are you the oldest child, youngest child, in the middle, or only child? MIddle child.

I will post my eleven nominees as I find them.


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