I will not say that Lance Armstrong is free from guilt in his doping debacle, but I will say that there is plenty of guilt to go around.

Armstrong is as guilty as sin of cheating, lying, making false accusations against those who crossed him, bullying those who he didn’t trust, and deceiving so many who trusted him.

According to reports, over the years Armstrong has passed over 500 drug tests.  He failed two: one in 1999 and the other at the Tour de Suisse in 2001. Suspicion developed and remained through the years because of rumors, accusations and insinuations. When you consider how Lance now admits to skating the rules for so long while passing so many tests, we can see that someone else carries some blame.

The cycling sport officials obviously passed rules, guidelines and standards that they were unable to enforce. According to one source quoting from the New York Times (, “…since 1998, ‘more than a third of the top finishers of the Tour de France have admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs in their careers or have been officially linked to doping.’ 12 of the last 15 Tour de France events have been won by someone with a “doping” past.”

Obviously, changes need to be made in cycling.

This does not reduce Armstrong’s guilt at all. It just shows that a dirty sport will attract dirty participants. Cycling officials need to take responsibility for their contribution to this inexcusable situation.



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