I Wish I Had Known When I Started Pastoring…

I am borrowing two list, but in the end, add my own. Thanks to Joseph Mattera and Rob Pochek for their insightful lists. Please comment….

From Joseph Mattera (12 common mistakes made by young pastors).
1. Not receiving counsel from older, more experienced leaders.
2. Being too dogmatic in doctrine and worldview.
3. Having zeal without knowledge and operating in presumption.
4. Being driven by ambition and a need to succeed more than serving for the glory of God.
5. Using people as objects to get to the next level.
6. Rarely living in the present.
7. Preaching what has not yet been personally experienced or encountered with God.
8. Neglecting emotional health and maturity.
9. Gifting that exceeds character development.
10. Driving the church instead of leading the flock.
11. Sacrificing children and family for the work of the ministry.
12. Not honoring spiritual fathers and mothers.

Rob Pochek (What he wished he had known).
1. You are pastoring a parade.
2. The people who demand the most serve the least.
3. You will see ugly behavior.
4. You are irreplaceable (but not at church).
5. Preach the Word.

Mine (What I wished I had known).
1. Learn how to love when you are hurt, angry or frustrated, especially those who offend you.
2. People would prefer a good pastor to a great preacher.
3. You have nothing to feed the flock if you are unfed.
4. Church is where some people seek to feed their flesh; their need for importance, their drama, their prejudices, etc… Such is the nature of sheep.
5. Time invested in those who will receive help and discipleship from a closer relationship is never wasted.
6. Don’t preach from a book except the Bible. There is found the power of preaching. (Thus, never preach what you find in a book until it has settled in your mind and theology a while).
7. Be bold behind the pulpit (but not about opinions) and meek away from it.
8. There is value in every trouble, every problem, every trouble maker and every criticism. But seek God’s voice in them and never take them at face value.
9. Never be surprised where trouble will come from. Never be caught off guard by not expecting trouble or criticism. (This sounds really negative, but I have made my worst blunders when I was blind-sided by a problem I didn’t expect.)
10. Jesus never addressed a false accusation. False accusations are allowed by God to test our trust in Him.

(To hear sermons from Pastor Tim, please go to http://sermon.net/desdemonatx).


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