Billy Graham’s Choice During the Election…

It was Billy Graham who was preaching when I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Although I have never fully agreed with all Bro. Graham has said and done, I join many thousands who are part of the heavenly Kingdom of Jesus Christ who are appreciative of his ministry.

I partially understand the explanation of the Graham Ministry as to why they removed Mormonism from the list of cults for the election. However, I am not comfortable with the decision.

According to Ken Barun, chief of staff for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, in a press release, “We removed the (cult) information from the website because we do not wish to participate in a theological debate about something that has become politicized during this campaign.”

Mormonism is a cult according to the conservative definitions. A cult for mainstream Christianity is a religion that does not believe in the biblical description of the identity and person of Jesus Christ (Jesus is God, John 1:1-14), and/or mixes the law with grace (Romans 6:14).

Many mainline Christians had a difficult time choosing or defending their voting decisions. Each one of us must justify before God how we voted. Not all of us agreed on which candidate to support, and I know some who chose not to vote, or to vote for an independent.

For me, I found two reasons to cast my vote, although I was not happy with the choices:

  1. I voted for the platform and not the candidate. Being against abortion and gay marriage, I read the platform and voted “party”. I could not vote for a democratic candidate with a clear conscience before God.
  2. Mormonism is a cult, but a moral cult. Mormons are among the most moral people in the nation. Since we were electing a president and not a pastor, I was more comfortable voting for one who maintained my principles of morality than one who stood against them. Although Romney based his morality upon a different faith system, I appreciated the fact that he promised to pursue the moral path I understood.

I cannot be pleased with the way the Billy Graham organization handled the issue of their cult page. I can appreciate that they did not want to be the reason people turned away from a moral candidate in favor of one who stood against our views of morality. I also understand that they found themselves in a difficult position and took what they deemed as the best direction in resolving the conflict.


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